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Story & Illustration:
Bubi Au Yeung
English translation/Editor:
Norma Groen

Treeson was going to an old building to deliver a mended heart to a little girl. He did not realize a spirit was following him.




Treeson (knocking the door): “Can you open the door please?”

When Treeson entered the apartment, he found a little girl looking at her drawing in tears.

Treeson: “Hello! Here is your heart, please take it.”

Little girl: “I miss my daddy so much .”


The Spirit appeared in front of Treeson and asked him for help.

The Spirit: “Do you want to make the little girl happy again?”

Treeson: “Yes!”

The Spirit: “Please teach the girl to bake a cake with my recipe, here are the instructions…”

Tresson: “I have never baked a cake before but I’ll try my best…”


The Spirit told Treeson how to bake a cake step by step.

The Spirit: “Treeson, mix the ingredients together, then…”


Treeson and the little girl put the cake batter in the oven and waited.


The little girl started to cry when she tasted the cake.

The Spirit (whispering): “My girl, please remember the taste of my cake, please don’t forget…”

Little Girl: “It’s my daddy’s cake!”

Treeson: “Yummy!”