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Story & Illustration:
Bubi Au Yeung
English translation/Editor:
Norma Groen

This is the Newspaper Boy. He delivers newspapers everyday.




Before delivery, he always chooses one newspaper to read and keeps part of it.

Newspaper boy is delivering newspaper to no.26 and Mr.Chan is watching him.

    One day, Newspaper Boy delivered a newspaper to no. 26 as usual while Mr. Chan was watching him.
    Then Mr. Chan looked at the newspaper in mailbox no. 26.

The next day, Mr. Chan caught Newspaper Boy when he had just put the newspaper in mailbox no. 26.

Mr. Chan: “Newspaper Boy, how dare you to steal part of Mrs. Lee’s newspaper!” Newspaper Boy couldn’t say anything and started to cry.

Mrs. Lee: “It’s alright Mr. Chan, he’s just a kid, please let him go…”


Without any explanation, Newspaper Boy ran home crying when Treeson tried to return his heart.
Treeson: “Please wait, Newspaper Boy, here is your heart!”



Treeson went to Newspaper Boy’s home, and Newspaper Boy was still crying.

Treeson: “Why do you have so many newspapers… newspapers with sad news?”


Treeson took Newspaper Boy to Mrs. Lee’s home.

Treeson: “You see, Mrs. Lee is reading the newspaper happily.”


When Mrs. Lee saw them standing in front of the window, she ran to Newspaper Boy and hugged him.

Mrs. Lee: “Thank you Newspaper Boy! Thank you so much for bringing me good news everyday!”

Meanwhile, Treeson realized the heart was gone.

      Part V