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Story & Illustration:
Bubi Au Yeung
English translation/Editor:
Norma Groen

Treeson followed another mended heart to a house.

Treeson: “Please open the door. I’m here to return your heart.”

Damien: “Who are you?”

Treeson: “My name is Treeson.”

Damien: “Hi, my name is Damien.”




Treeson entered the house and realized Damien was upset.

Treeson: “What are you doing? Where are your mom and dad?”

Damien: “My photo frame is broken and I don’t have the material to repair it…My Parents are not home yet because they are still working.”


Damien’s photo frame had been destroyed by a bullying classmate.

Damien: “No!!!”


Treeson took Damien to the forest and started to pick up some tree branches and leaves.

Damien: “Treeson, what are you doing?”

Treeson: “Please collect some leaves from the ground and don’t pick the leaves from the trees.”


Treeson made a photo frame with the tree branches; Damien decorated it with the green leaves.


Late that night, when Damien’s parents arrived home, they were impressed by the photo frame on the wall and realized they had not taken a family photo together for a long time.

Damien’s Mom: “Dad, do you remember this picture? It was taken a year ago.”

Damien’s Dad: “Yes…”


Damien was so happy when his parents promised to spend more time with him.


    Treeson found the mended heart had disappeared again!
      Part IV