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Story & Illustration:
Bubi Au Yeung
English translation/Editor:
Norma Groen

Treeson decided to return all the mended hearts to the people who lost them. And so, they started their journey…




Treeson followed a mended heart to an old man’s home. The door was open, so Treeson walked right in.

Treeson: “Anybody here? I’m here to return your heart!”

(The old man was thinking about this grandson Dingding.)


Old man: “Dingding, it’s you! You’re back! Here is your favorite cap. Let me put it on for you.”

Treeson: “Oh… sorry sir, my name is Treeson, not Dingding, and here is your heart, please take it…”


The old man thought Treeson was his grandson Dingding and kept talking to him. Tresson could only sit down and listen.

Old man: “I miss you so much! You know, there is a new toy store at the street corner, let me take you there tomorrow.”

Treeson: “Sir, here is your heart…”
Old man: “Dingding, are you hungry?”


Treeson cut an orange and shared it with the old man. The old man kept talking to Treeson happily. Treeson kept listening.

    Meanwhile, Treeson found the mended heart had disappeared!

Treeson was so sad for losing the mended heart, he cried and cried…

Old man: “Treeson, don’t be sad, it’s ok.”

      Part III