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Story & Illustration:
Bubi Au Yeung
English translation/Editor:
Norma Groen

Treeson- he is a kind creature brought up by the trees in a forest. He had a tree branch that stuck out from his chest when he was discovered by Ren at the beginning of the story.

Ren- He always wanders around alone with a red cart.




One day, Ren found Treeson lying on the grass, so Ren said, “Hi.”
    When Ren realized Treeson had been hurt, he put Treeson into his cart and took him home.
    When Treeson woke up, Ren asked what happened to him.

Ren: “Why were you lying on the grass?

Treeson (drinking water): I don’t know…”

Ren: “Why is there a tree branch sticking out from your chest? Who hurt you?”

Treeson: “I need more water…”

    Ren tried to get the tree branch out of Treeson’s chest, so he asked Treeson to get ready and pull....
Treeson: “Oh! This is so painful!”
    Having failed to pull out the tree branch, Ren tried to cut it with a big pair of scissors, but the scissors broke.
    Ren didn’t understand why his parents ignored him, or why they were always arguing with each other.



Treeson: “Why don’t you play with those kids?”

Ren: “They just don’t like me… they ignore me all the time.”

Treeson: “I’ll play with you!”

    One day, when Ren and Treeson were on their way to a park, Treeson suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Meanwhile, a big tree nearby was moaning.
Treeson: Big Tree, are you OK? Are you trying to say something?

Big Tree (crying): “I will be killed by humans… there is nothing you can do.”

Treeson: “Why?!”

Building A: “Why?! You Big Old Tree! It’s a concrete forest here, not the forest you used to live. If you don’t get out of our way, how can my brothers move in?”

Ren: “You buildings are such bullies!”

Building B: “We don’t have a choice either, thanks to you humans!”

Ren: “I will tear down all you buildings when I grow up!!!”

Big Tree: “Sigh…”

Cat: “Meow~~~”

    Treeson and Ren were playing happily.
    Treeson and Ren sat in the cart and rumbled down the hill.

Ren: “Yeah! Woohoo!”

    Unfortunately they didn’t see the big rock down the hill. When the cart crashed with the rock, Treeson was thrown to one side of the hill.
    Treeson lay on the grass and started to dream…
    When Treeson was a child, the big trees in the Forest took care of him.
    One day, a Human started to cut down the trees in the forest…
    …and the Human tried to cut the big tree who had brought up Treeson!
    Treeson fought with the Human to protect the big tree, but…
    The Human stabbed Treeson in the chest with a tree branch.
    On the other side of the hill, Ren was shocked to see his own grave. Ren realized he had died.
    Ren and Treeson were crying because they found out that they no longer existed in this world.
    Ren finally managed to pull out the tree branch from Treeson’s chest.
    They left.
    The End.