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Story & Illustration:
Bubi Au Yeung
English translation/Editor:
Norma Groen

Treeson and Ren were walking by a campsite when they saw some children having a great time.

Treeson: “Ren, what are they doing?”

Ren: “Treeson, they are camping and enjoying themselves around a bonfire. Let’s go camping too! We’ll need to set up a tent first, just like the red one over there.”

Treeson: “Let’s find some materials to make a tent!”




Treeson and Ren went into a forest to collect some tree branches for their tent; they did not realize it was starting to get dark…


Ren (crying): “Treeson, where are you? I can’t see you, it’s so dark here!”

Treeson: “Over here! I’m picking up some branches. There are so many here for our tent!”


As the night fell, suddenly…

Ren: “Treeson! Treeson! Look at this! So beautiful! Wow, so many fireflies, it’s so bright!”

Treeson: “Oops…”

There were hundreds of fireflies flying around them, and one of them flew into Treeson’s month.


Treeson: “Ren, where are you? I don’t feel right…”

Ren: “Oh, Treeson! You are glowing in the dark!!! How did you do that? With you here by my side, I am not afraid of the dark anymore!”

    Treeson and Ren were sound asleep inside their tent.