Who is Crazy Label?
Andy Woo (a.k.a. Wookie), has worked for Mattel, Inc. and Galoob, Inc. for many years, before he founded his own company WOOKIEWEB.COM and lifestyle brand CRAZY LABEL in 2005. CRAZY LABEL is convinced that toys should not be confined to the realm of children, but can also be works that encapsulate art, lifestyle and creativity. The resulting products should be fun to play with, functional, and visually pleasing. CRAZY LABEL is intended to be a platform where designers can express their craziest ideas.

誰是Crazy Label ?
Andy Woo ( aka Wookie ),曾於美泰 (Mattel, Inc.) 及 (Galoob, Inc.) 兩間玩具公司工作多年,參與 Barbie 、 Fisher-Price 、 American Girl 及 Star Wars 等玩具品牌項目的開發。於 2005 年成立創作單位 WOOKIEWEB.COM 及創玩品牌 CRAZY LABEL 。 Wookie 深信玩具不只局限於作為兒童的玩伴 , 而是一件結合藝術、生活和創意的潮流玩物,並擁有著高可玩性、實用性、觀賞性等特質。這可說是現今主流玩具不能滿足的!期盼 CRAZY LABEL 作為一個平台讓設計師們發揮最『瘋』的意念 !