Who is Bubi?
Bubi Au Yeung, Kit Ying, born in Hong Kong and work as illustrator and web related job. She love to draw, reading different kind of comic book and illustrated book, and also love to collect toys.
Bubi created the character "Treeson" on 8th August 2005, then the Hong Kong Toy Brand "Crazy Label" (which is founded by Andy Woo) produced Treeson as vinyl figure.

誰是Bubi ?
Bubi Au Yeung ,中文名歐陽潔盈,香港土生土長的創作人,從事插畫和網頁相關的工作。她自小喜愛畫畫,閱讀不同種類的漫晝和繪本,也
Bubi200588日創作了Treeson的插圖故事,及後得到本地新進玩具設計品牌 Crazy Label(由Andy Woo創辦)以 Treeson為造型推出搪膠玩具。

Bubi's website: http://www.milkjar.com