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Pain, Painless and Happy

I created a story recently and here are the 3 main characters:
Painless: an illiterate, carry Pain all the day; He is ordered by Pain to collect paper which people wrote their painful / sad experience on it and cram into the crack of a stone wall
Pain: being carried by Painless, control the life of Painless and it can only live by the paper which Painless collect
Happy: a happy guy who want to help Painless to leave Pain
Pain orders Painless goes to the stone wall to collect people’s sad/painful letter everyday; Meanwhile, Happy heard about Painless and would like to help Painless to leave Pain, so Happy cramed the happy letter to the wall in order to let Painless to get it…
Painless and Pain brought the collected letter back home…
Pain orders Painless to eat all the letter but they didn’t know there is a happy letter
Painless prepare to eat letter and open the letter…
After Painless ate all letters, Pain feel sick, and seem having fever. Pain orders Painless go to stone wall to collect more sad/painful letter…
At the same time, Happy change all the painful letters by happy letters
Painless carry Pain to stone wall to collect letters
Painless and Pain brought all letters and back home
Pain forces Painless to eat all letters
However, Pain and Painless didn’t know all letters are happy letters

After Painless ate all letters, Pain became sick and smaller, and painful, it is dying

If you are Painless, will u save Pain?

  Copyright © 2001 Bubi Au Yeung