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Bubi's mind

Handmade leather iPad Case

After I bought the 16gb iPad, i’ve searching for a nice iPad case as i want a durable leather case.

However, I cant find a nice one on the market and in HK.

Thus, I decided to make my own …

Aug, 08 · in diy



今天收到梓評的書才驚覺“我愛樹仔”一書出版已是三年前的事,但我常感到台灣與我很近,就像一個老朋友,有空一定會去台灣玩玩 :D

梓評的BLOG: http://mypaper.pchome.com.tw/eric22/post/1320939340

時報悅讀網: http://www.readingtimes.com.tw


Jun, 12 · in live my life,news

New friend "GhostB"

This is a very exciting project i m working on, the 5" GhostB polystone figure will be release soon, and its just a start for project B.

GhostB is a character i designed a long long time ago, and i …

Jun, 05

Poketo Treeson Wallet

I m happy to work with Poketo to release their signature item “wallet” with my Treeson drawing printed on it!

You can preorder one here:


Jun, 05

5"inch Ren

Time flies!!!! Remember my first figure Treeson was released in June 2006, and it's Ren now in 2010, 4 years! What did i do in these 4 years?! It's amazing and meaningful to me at the same time.

When i …

Jun, 05

Art Fair 2010

I got a free ticket of Art Fair 2010, and I visited the art fair on 27 May 2010.

I knew there are some of my fav artists showing their art pieces in the art fair, and one of them …

Jun, 05

Leather workshop

Haha a friend told me that she found i havent update my blog for a long time, and Yes!

When there are facebook, flickr, twitter…etc, my blog is being ignored lol

I've been busy n lazy lately! I finished a …

Jun, 05
Welcome to Bubi's New blog and it took me sometime to fix the image display here.


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