I designed this cover art for the album “in this nest, we found our winged tales” by music label mü-nest.

title : in this nest, we found our winged tales
artist : various artists
catalog : mnc004
format : cd, full-length
release date : 20 april 2009
official link: www.mu-nest.com/mnc004.aspx

in this nest, we found our winged tales is an exquisite remix project compilation album presented by mü-nest and featuring a revered international line-up of folkronica, electro-acoustic and IDM musicians from around the world, including Japan’s Haruka Nakamura, Akira Kosemura, aus, FJORDNE, UK’s Dom Mino’, me:mo of China, hearts+horses (previously known as park avenue music) from US, Federico Durand from Argentina, Singapore’s aspidistrafly as well as Malaysia’s flica.

10 electro-musical accolades, paired into 5 groups, with each pair performing a cross remix of each other’s works between them, the album title refers more than just the playful mechanics of this splendid experiment, it also encapsulates the wondrous magic captured in this album – the infusion of original beauty with renewed sensibility.

The cover art is also a major highlight. Created by award winning Hong Kong illustrator Bubi Au Yeung, it is an enthralling reflection of the pieces themselves – sweet and colourful, with an emanation of tranquil beauty that engages on multiple enkindling musical emotions.

With its enthralling electro-acoustic melodies, elegant ambient works, stylish rhythm-centric electronica and cuttingedge noise-pop, in this nest, we found our winged tales promises a mesmerizing musical journey that tantalizes right to the deepest recesses of our heart.


aspidistrafly x haruka nakamura
1. red toe nails (haruka nakamura’s noite quieta remix)
2. luz (aspidistrafly’s 幻の光 remix)

hearts+horses x aus
3. tufts (aus remix)
4. IHI (hearts+horses remix)

flica x FJORDNE
5. l (FJORDNE remix)
6. bites of snow (flica remix)

Dom Mino’ x Federico Durand
7. Land of Forgotten Morals (Federico Durand remix)
8. Tilo (Dom Mino’ remix)

me:mo x Akira Kosemura
9. 小歌儿 (Akira Kosemura remix)
10. Just A Few Minutes (me:mo remix)

*all tracks are exclusively remixed for this project.*


preview the album here:

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