Cover art for “in this nest, we found our winged tales”

Tuesday, 04. 7. 2009  –  Category: design  –  No Comments

                I designed this cover art for the album “in this nest, we found our winged tales” by music label mü-nest. title : in this nest, we found our winged tales artist : various artists catalog : mnc004 format : cd, full-length release date : 20 april 2009 [...]

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I bought this small retro glass at a grocery store in we market at hk$4 only!!!:flushed: happy:relieved: #mongkok #hk #grocery #retro #4蚊買隻懷舊水杯My frd's mint icecream with huge cotton candy:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: #cotton candy #icecream #strawberry:ok_hand::blush::ok_hand: #mumnothome #cafeWhich hair style you like for him? CharlieBrownBrown #charliebrown #character #doodle #idea #bubiauyeung #tribute #forfun #hairstyleA local dessert - barley n beancurd sheet sweet soup with a boiled egg #dinner #hkdessert #local #boiledegg #dessert #barley #beancurd #去濕 #甜品Luckily it's not raining during our lunch :blush: @helren @kalyanesl @priscillaxo #lunch #sushi #japanese #udon #tempura

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I believe great design make our life better.

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my design including icon, logo, business card..etc.

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I love drawing on paper and by computer.

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all my inspiration or idea are inspired by the surrounding things, objects, people, friends…etc.

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It’s my pleasure to be invited in some of the exhibition and share my work with public.

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My character figure “Treeson”

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book, poster, print. leaflet

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I love product design and experiment different way to create products.

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I love characters design and I believe a successful character with a unique style and its own story.

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Many great artists and event gave me lot of inspiration, and I am honored to collaborate with artists and took part in the creative projects.

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web design and web programming

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my artwork.

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